Generation Y Did I Go To College

Generation Y Did I Go To College

(c) This IU Grad, 2010

CLICK TO MAKE BIG!  And funky, funky fresh.  But mostly big.

PROTIP: CTRL + – makes the image zoom out.  The initial resolution is way big so that the text is readable, but CTRL – that sucka until it’s formatted to fit your screen.  And then lament all the effort it took to do that just to see mediocre artwork and the soul-sucking reality of indentured clerkitude.

Yes, I realize my artistic skills were lacking, but this is what I spent 3am-530am doing, thank you very much. Too bad I don’t have a scanner.  This would have been a lot easier.  Who has a scanner?  People who scan things, that’s who.  I just have an Android.  Phone.  Not cybernetic organism.

Oh also, true story.  All of it.

Hell On Earth

This was just the start to a comic I began about two years ago but never finished.  Obviously, I don’t own a scanner.  I do, however, now own an Evo.

I kinda wished I’d finished this.  I had some ideas and if it were a bit more patient I had some neat design ideas for some of the artwork.

Also these pages were placed on top of my sophomore year high school yearbook as the photos were snapped, which makes my high school reunion post condemning holding onto high school now semi-ironic.

Only semi, though.