Generation Y Did I Go To College

Generation Y Did I Go To College

(c) This IU Grad, 2010

CLICK TO MAKE BIG!  And funky, funky fresh.  But mostly big.

PROTIP: CTRL + – makes the image zoom out.  The initial resolution is way big so that the text is readable, but CTRL – that sucka until it’s formatted to fit your screen.  And then lament all the effort it took to do that just to see mediocre artwork and the soul-sucking reality of indentured clerkitude.

Yes, I realize my artistic skills were lacking, but this is what I spent 3am-530am doing, thank you very much. Too bad I don’t have a scanner.  This would have been a lot easier.  Who has a scanner?  People who scan things, that’s who.  I just have an Android.  Phone.  Not cybernetic organism.

Oh also, true story.  All of it.